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Image by Joice Kelly

Trauma Counseling

For children to adults

You have a right to feel safe in your life.

You may be experiencing...

  • tense, on edge, fearful

  • experiencing feelings like guilt, shame, anger

  • like your body is in a constant state of alert

  • like bedtime is worse for you

  • are you also experiencing depression or anxiety

  • have trouble trusting others

  • Are you ready to feel safe and heal?

    How I can help you...

    • providing a safe environment to process your trauma

    • to understand your responses and improve your ability to manage them

    • learn skills for self compassion to offer yourself the kindness and the understanding you deserve

    • improve your ability to self-regulate and reestablish safety in your life

    • build trust and learn how to interact with others in your life

    Frequently asked questions

    What can I expect in our first session You can consider our first session a deeper “get to know you” session. You can start where you’d like in your story, but it is also an opportunity for me to ask more specific questions about the issues you expressed during our consultation call. This will also be a time for us to go over paperwork as well as practice policies, such as confidentiality. All questions are welcome and there may even be opportunities for you to practice a strategy until our next session.

    What should I do first? Browse my "Lets see if we're a match!" page then schedule a free consultation so we can meet! I look forward to speaking!

    Why should I choose therapy for this? When you choose therapy you are choosing to invest in yourself. Your trauma does not have to define your life's outlook. Trauma's impacts can be lifelong, but they dont have to. Therapy can help you live your life with safety and trust.

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