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Psychologist's Office

Therapy for Helping Professionals

We need help too

We’ve all heard of burnout and compassion fatigue, but what does all of that really mean? We know about self-care and encourage our clients to use their skills and come to therapy, but what about us? I want to make a difference by supporting people like you because you deserve to be the provider you want to be, because you are needed, and because we need help too.

Are you experiencing...

  • depletion or numbness of your emotions 

  • overwhelmed by the intensity of your client's emotions and experiences

  • emotional distant or disconnected from your clients

  • less motivated or passionate about helping your clients

  • decrease in your coping mechanisms

  • your connection to others in your life is suffering

  • job dissatisfaction or decreased productivity

  • Are you ready to take care of you

    How I can help you...

    • safe space for therapists to delve into their own personal growth and self-awareness.

    • process your experiences to prevent burnout and maintain your  mental well-being.

    • gain insights into your therapeutic approach, develop new skills, and address any blind spots or biases that may affect your work with clients.

    • gain clarity and perspective on your issues, allowing you to approach your work with clients from a place of greater emotional balance and insight.

    Frequently asked questions

    What can I expect in our first session You can consider our first session a deeper “get to know you” session. You can start where you’d like in your story, but it is also an opportunity for me to ask more specific questions about the issues you expressed during our consultation call. This will also be a time for us to go over paperwork as well as practice policies, such as confidentiality. All questions are welcome and there may even be opportunities for you to practice a strategy until our next session.

    What should I do first? Browse my "Lets see if we're a match!" page then schedule a free consultation so we can meet! I look forward to speaking!

    Why should I choose therapy for this? When you choose therapy you are choosing to invest in yourself. When was the last time you did something for yourself? Professional burnout if left untreated can lead to poor emotional and physical health in addition to overall dissatisfaction with your profession.

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